Asterisk is caught by Mizuchi!!
Her friend must save her!

(Ask Asterisk the witch!: )


The wonderful mare from

The TRPG format of her story is an interesting quirk~!


Quest IV: all the way through the graveyard ^^

The existence of this monster excites me!


cyclewear Lightningdust.

I will start afresh,  road bike.

I want to run along with her :3



Speed drawing.

(However, my drawing speed is quite slow.)

This is a fan art to blog “Ask Asterisk the witch!”.


I’m looking forward to the Lava Giant.

I love “all the way through”.

I think this is a failure.

Fast drawing.

I slow to draw a picture.(´ . .̫ . `)

This reuses an idea about the costume which I drew befor.